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Wellness On Wheels


What We Do

Home Care & Beyond is proud to introduce our innovative Wellness on Wheels program, a unique service designed to bring nutritious and culturally diverse alkaline meals, from our Ti Fifie’s line of specialty foods, directly to the homes of those in need.

Just like the well-known Meals on Wheels program, Wellness on Wheels focuses on customizing meals and herbal remedies to prevent disease and support our clients’ various health ailments and Illness (e.g. cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, weight loss, etc.). However, our program takes a step further by incorporating a rich variety of alkaline foods, all tailored by our skilled chefs to cater to the nutritional needs and personal taste preferences of each client.

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Service Details

Nutritionally Balanced and Diverse Menus

Our menus are carefully crafted by chefs specializing in a wide range of cuisines, ensuring each meal is not only nutritionally balanced but also rich in flavor. From comforting Western classics to vibrant caribbean and soul food dishes, our goal is to provide a culinary journey that delights the senses and meets dietary needs.

Personalized Meal Planning

Understanding that each individual has unique dietary requirements and preferences, our chefs work closely with clients to create personalized meal plans. Whether you're managing specific health conditions, following dietary restrictions, or simply have a preference for certain types of food, our Wellness on Wheels program is designed to accommodate your needs.

Convenient, Reliable Delivery Service

 We believe in making healthy eating easy and accessible for everyone. Our reliable delivery service ensures that freshly prepared, delicious meals are brought directly to your door, ready to heat and enjoy at your convenience. This hassle-free approach allows our clients to focus on their wellness without worrying about meal preparation.

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